Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Night Time Wedding Photography with Sparklers

As the nights are drawing in and the clocks go back this weekend, it can only mean one thing.. night shots and sparklers! Here are a few from a recent wedding at Goosedale in Nottingham where it had rained all day but the night time sky was just beautiful. The wedding photography has been mostly indoors so it was lovely to be able to finish the day with some great night time wedding photography.

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Friday, 5 October 2018

Price Increases for 2018-2019

Price Increases for 2018-2019

Its never easy to do this, but prices are going to increase on all new bookings imminently. This does not apply to any existing bookings, so anyone who has booked and paid a deposit will not be affected by this. The agreed price is recorded on the booking form and will be honoured as I always have.

The reality is that everything from camera prices, to equipment servicing, to online subscriptions, to rent and council tax. These price increases eventually have to be passed onto my clients. I have absorbed business related costs for a substantial period however to continue to offer an exceptional service, I need to increase prices. These rates will be reflected on the website pricing, however any existing bookings will remain unaffected. This simply applies to future deposits and bookings.