Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Wedding Photography at Whitley Hall Sheffield

This wedding saw me return to Whitley Hall Sheffield for wedding photography, and it is always lovely to return! This wedding was also a recommendation from 2 previous clients which is great to hear and know that previous clients are happy with their photographs!

As with all the weddings that I have visited recently the sun has been out in full force and it has been a nightmare to shoot in as it casts awful shadows and causes squints! The weather you would really need on your wedding day would be a bit cloudy as its perfect to shoot in but I'm not going to complain it beats rain! My day started with the bride and her preparations to capture all the bits and pieces that make a bride, then it was time for the groom to arrive and have his wedding photography before the ceremony began, which went very smoothly and was filled with emotion. The rest of the day was filled with the family group shots and after the meal and speeches it was time to explore Whitley Hall with the bride and groom for their wedding photography, before the first dance and I took my leave.

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