Thursday, 15 February 2018

Date Availability


I am currently getting between 30 and 50 enquiries per week, it's the time of year and enquiries and bookings are manic at this time of year. (In January I took deposits for 29 new bookings and February is equally as busy)

Dates and availability change daily (yesterday 4 bookings paid deposits), it's natural at this time of year for bookings to be thick and fast. I would ask anyone who has seen me or spoken with me not to use the online booking system unless they have spoken with me the same day. This is just to make sure that your date is still available.

I really don't mind if people want to go and see other photographers that is not a problem at all and I completely understand wanting to have a good look around.. however I can't hold dates indefinately especially at this time of year and has as happened tonight I've had to turn someone away who I saw a few weeks ago because someone new has come in and booked the date. I don't have a system in place to reserve dates unless a deposit has been paid and at this time of year enquiries come and go so fast.

If we have agreed a time and date to meet I will try my best to hold the date until that time but after the meeting the date becomes available again unless you choose to book.

I am saying this simply because it's booking season again and things normally quieten down once we get to May. This isn't a high pressure sales tactic as I don't believe in any of that it is simply just to let you know that things move so fast and to stop anyone getting angry at me because the date has now gone!

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