Monday, 2 November 2015

A Little More Post Production

Following on from my last post, not every photo is as easy as the last one and some need additional work. This next image is what I call a grab shot because it wasn't posed the couple were just walking to where we were going to do the photo so I thought lets see if I can get a nice image while they walk.

Step 1 Load the NEF and pick your preferred tone

Step 2 Remove the bits you don't need to see
You can see from the red circles our signs and notices that don't need to be there and I'm going to take these out. On every wedding I always remove some stuff if you haven't noticed then I have done a good job. Obviously time constraints come into it but I always remove more than I leave.

Step 3 Load up Photoshop to remove the objects 
As you will see from the below image the signs have now gone and the image is almost ready. The fact most people don't know I have removed stuff is good and it shows the editing is of a high quality because if you could tell I wouldn't have done a very good job.

Step 4 Finish the image
Now with the image toned, signs removed its time to add a little sharpness and finish the image. I've cropped a little at the bottom because it was a grab shot and only had a second to compose and shoot. The images are massive so even if I cut the image in half you could still print it large.

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