Monday, 2 November 2015

The Post Production side of Wedding Photography

What you see on the day is only a tiny part of what actually goes on. Post Production happens on every photo sometimes its very subtle and just a case of converting the image from RAW to JPEG and tweaking a little.

This blog is to show you what happens to your wedding photographs after they have been taken, I've used this wedding because it's the most recent wedding I have post produced.

Step 1 Take the image load up the RAW file into production software
As you can see from the image its called a NEF. A NEF is just the camera data and its not a nice photo yet but its not meant to be. NEF files are meant to be worked on before anyone sees them.

Step 2 Now I have got the image I'll use a preset to bring out the sky, remove some noise and sharpen it up a little

This is part of my preset bar, presets allow me to make a photo look a certain way by clicking which option I want. This is really useful because I can create an effect I like and apply it to any photo I want at the click of a button.

Step 3 Deciding how the photo should look
I've applied a different preset to the image and you can see all of the different presets below.

Step 4 Next Image
Now I've produced the photo and it all looks good its time to work on the next image. On a full day I produce at least 400 images so I have to repeat this at least 400 times before you see your photos.

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